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Vedic Counselling

Vedic counselling is based upon the Vedic philosophy of self-knowledge and cosmic knowledge.  Understanding this enables us to determine our dharma (right living, right action, right relationship and right awareness).  Vedic counselling also helps us see the laws of nature and the consciousness that we are not always aware is there, that functions behind the visible universe. 

Due to these aspects we can access the extensive wisdom, energy and vibrancy imbedded in the cosmos.  The basis of self-understanding brings us to a direct perception of truth.  Within this understanding we don’t impose this belief on anyone as our journey is in some ways is quite solo and personal to us.

As a Vedic Counsellor our job is to educate the Vedic knowledge.  We also wish to impart guidance through the Vedic ways of communication, social harmony, respect for nature in all its strengths and inner realisation.  A Vedic counsellor strives to give higher living and deeper awareness.

If this is something that interests you or would like to engage in, we would be very happy to hear from you and arrange a time that suits to embark on this journey of your inner and outer world and bring them too alignment.

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